Who is Tiana Lee

Tiana Lee

     Do you know who you are? It’s an interesting question, and a very important one. Hi- I’m Tiana. I’m a photographer, writer, dancer (in the mirror- shh!), lover of knowledge and people, but most importantly, a determined motivator who aids in seeking out potential and identity. So, in English, that means I’m here to show you how beautiful you are (yes, even males – fine, handsome?) and how much potential you have. Why do I care? Because I didn’t understand what my identity was for a long time and that hurt me in more ways than I like to think about. So here I am, ready to help others see who they truly are, ready to walk the path with them, and help them cherish every moment. I do this with a unique approach, allowing my clients to view their lives through art, something they look back on and can draw strength from, something they cherish, something to chart their history. Now, not all of my photoshoots do this – these are my testimonial shoots, how I help people most, but the same concepts I’ve touched on are the basis for how I go about any shoot, from my weddings to my commercial shoots. You are not a number, you are a unique individual with a beautiful soul and a story, and I seek to capture that.

Now, how does one…. reveal someone else’s potential, help them realize a piece of their identity? Well one, I’m not a monk or a doctor. I’m here to help you move along your own path, your own way- I’m more of your cheerleader and your objective friend. But how do you do it? Well, you’ll have to find out.

Tiana Lee and Others

     BOOM! From time to time, a  passerby or nearby observer may hear that from my team. It tends to be one of our favorite expressions when a great things has happened. Who’s my team? Well, at times when synergy is better than myself (I specialize in things where others don’t and they specialize in things that I don’t…when you do everything you can’t be good at it all) so if there is a wedding that I would like an assistant for to catch the tears in the groom’s eyes as I catch the breathless moments of the bride, or if a client wants a shoot that would be even more Boom-bastic! with collaboration, or if I am unavailable for a family or infant shoot, one of my contracted  photographers or possibly editors, make-up artists, etc. (there are a number of talented individuals I work with) and I will collaborate to make the art piece of someone’s dreams)!